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What are Edible Textiles?

Simply put, Edible Textiles are made out of starch and frosting. Our ‘patent pending’ blend allows our edible jersey fabric and edible velvet to stretch and retain it’s shape. Edible textiles resemble fabric but of course they can be eaten. Whether you eat them on their own or use them as decorations for cakes and cookies, they are delicious and creative. Who says you cannot make a designer masterpiece? Now you can use your imagination to use the different formulated fabrics to decorate your cookies and cakes during the holidays and for special events.

We are releasing our edible fabrics on a rolling basis.

We are beginning with Edible Cotton and Edible Velvet. Edible suede and silk will be available on November 15, 2017.

Edible Hockey Player Standup on top of special event cake. Accompanied with edible autograph and ice rink. Left is top view, right is level view

We have also stiffened some of our fabric so that our images will literally stand on top of your cakes and cookies. We add a player to our rinks or football fields in order to give a natural look to the cake tops.

Though we DO not sell the cakes themselves, we formulated our products to easily use with your home baked cakes and are very compatible with fresh cakes from Publix, Walmart, Target and anywhere buttercream frosted cakes are sold.

All of our fabrics are made to bend and place on your baked confections in bows or simply as a drape.

Our edible jerseys are created for the sports fans out there. Being Florida Panther fans, we chose to put them at the forefront. You will see specials on all Florida Panther products whenever there is a game. So take advantage of all our limited time specials.

Incredible stretchy frosting made into a Florida Panther Jersey.
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