Edivation Design Center

There is nothing worse than wanting a special cake someone to make or create  for exactly what you want for a nominal cost. That’s why we have created the Edivation Design Center.  The word  Edivation is the combination of  Edible and Innovation accompanied with the word” imagination.” We call our Design studio the Edivation Design Center because it emcompasses all these things.In the design center you can create your own unique Edivation and customize it’s look to your liking.When you receive your creation just place it on your cake, cupcakes or cookies. Give the frosting time to fuse with your buttercream and enjoy the praises of “how did you do that?” You can design for others and start your own cake business for friends and family. Here is a photo of what an Edible Cotton Image Blend frosting looks like once it has been fused with your frosting.

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