Frosting Like Never Before

Purchase or bake a cake. Frost it with buttercream or your favorite butter icing. Then place our edible jerseys or Image Blend fusions to decorate. We also have edible ribbon, edible material/textiles for your favorite frosted confections.

Edible textiles are combination of frosting, texture and taste. Each sheet is customized to look and feel like silk, plastic, vinyl, velvet, velour as well as simple cotton. Our Image Blend sheets taste just like marshmallow and are created to literally fuse with your buttercream or rich butter icing.

Also for the first time we are introducing our latest creation of Edible Jerseys. These jerseys come in 10 different flavors which include coconut, mint chocolate, chocolate, caramel cream, strawberry, smores, peach, raspberry, blueberry and french vanilla cream.

Image Blend images are non stretchy and are made with Edible Cotton. Our Edible Jerseys are made out of stretchy frosting. It is NOT fondant. It is a special formulation that is currently under a provisional patent pending. The frosting itself resembles a stretchy satin material.

All images on Edible Jerseys and on Image Blend sheets can be customized according to your design. They can even be ordered in 3D with certain guidelines.

All frosting is created to be easily applied. When you receive your order, simply lay your image or jersey on your cake, cupcakes or cookies. And then voila your masterpiece is created.


Edible and Stretchable Icing created with Edible Textiles formulation.